About Us

Hey Warrior!! You Get It, warriors not worriers.

I heard you wanted to know About Us, Cover Me is a clothing brand, that allows you to wear your statement on your chest. No explanation needed. We are a Spiritual, Timeless, Chic T-shirt line that gets a little Bougie at times. But most of all we are Loving Ourselves, Speaking our truth, and Living out Loud, What better way to say it then with a Tee.


Meet the CoverMeTeez Team

Jai Nell, CEO:

Who Am I? The Founder, Jackie, the name creator of Cover Me Teez and I have a story to tell, this business was born out of my love for T-shirts or shall I say my love for Fashion. And then there’s the pain from failed businesses. Most refer to me as Jack of All Trades, you named it I've tried it. But prayer pushed me to my purpose. It wasn’t until I gave the business to God that I found my true passion. I literally started in the basement of my home and hanging out at crafting stores, a bit of a "craft stalker". Still not believing in my own dream I would invest in the dreams of others. Mainly because I had a lack of confidence. Having a lack of confidence is a road to failure, but you will never know your strength until you activate your muscle. Having a Passion for Prayer and a Crazy Faith in God was the Birth of CoverMeTeez est. 2018.

“Faith is not believing God can, it's knowing He will".


Jasalyn Ellis, Business Manager:
Who Am I? Jazz, “boy mom” My mission is to always dream big, set goals and take action. I am dependable, determined and passionate about my "ish". I was the ordinary girl doing just enough not to be seen. God revealed to me that I was the quiet storm, waymaker, the room shaker.  This relevance didn’t come to me until I joined CoverMeTeez as the “Business Manager”. I pride myself on strengthening my communication skills, evaluating the day to day commands and managing the flow of business operations. My motivation that covers me in managing a business is to always think bigger and remind myself that

“There’s no elevator to success”. Sis, just take the stairs".


Jakira Williams, Marketing Specialist:
Who Am I? One out of 3 heartbeats simply just trying to help carry the fire! I am a young, confident, and an unapologetic force to be reckoned with. From the “shy girl” with a lost voice to the new profound woman with a purpose. Once I discovered my voice, I now use it to help illuminate the voice in others. I am devoted to carrying the fire for CoverMeTeez because for me it is more than just a brand/business; it’s a GOD work. It is about following the call that God placed on my life. I believe that nothing is accidental but GOD is intentional. Something I keep in my back pocket is when you surrender the pen to God, you give the author and finisher permission to create a beautiful story.

“We can make our plans but the LORD determines our steps".